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Mrs. Devaney's Scholars

Welcome to Mrs. Devaney's classroom.  In her room, children will strive to become life-long learners, problem solvers, and citizens who make this world a better place.  They will laugh, learn, struggle, and grow to achieve their full potential.  With the new Innovation Lab they will design and create some amazing things.  Be ready for a fabulous school year!

Star of the Week

Star of the Week


       Every child in my class will have a chance to be the star of the week.  This is an opportunity for them to share information with the class about their home, family, and interests.  One week before your child’s turn to share, I will send home an information sheet for your child to fill out, and a sample of a completed paper.  After each child shares with the class, I will add his or her sheet to our Star of the Week class book.  The individual papers will go home at the end of the year.

         In addition, I will send home an estimation jar for your child to fill up.  They can use any available material:  buttons, cotton balls, toy cars, etc. (Please no food or candy because of ants.)  Your child should count the exact number as they put them in the jar, and reveal this number to no one in the class.  Throughout the week classmates will make an estimate as to the number of items in the jar.  On the following Monday, your child will tell us the exact number.  The student who comes closest will receive a prize.

         Here is the schedule for your child’s week.


Monday:       bring in photo and information sheet

Tuesday:      bring in estimation jar

Wednesday: bring in a favorite book to share

Thursday:    bring in a favorite toy



Sept. 3        Jesus          Dec. 2  Brinley                Mar. 16 Jack 

Sept. 9        Knox            Dec. 9  Harlow                Mar. 23  Lucy

Sept. 16       Tram           Dec. 16  Conner               Mar. 30  Brian 

Sept. 23      Ethan          Jan. 6  Leo                    Apr. 13  Lilia

Sept.  30     Jaxson        Jan. 13 Isaac                  Apr. 20  Sadie

Oct. 7          Graham        Jan. 21  Lincoln               Apr. 27  Christian 

Oct. 14        Andrea        Jan. 27  Angel                May 4    Ashtynn

Oct. 21        Edward        Feb. 3                            May 11    Brian

Oct. 28        Ellie            Feb. 10  Finn                   May 18  Zoey

Nov. 4          Raelyn         Feb. 17  Charlie             

Nov. 12        Itzel           Feb. 24 Julissa

Nov. 18        Blythe         Mar. 9  Levi

Mrs. Devaney
Mrs. Devaney
About your teacher...

This will be Mrs. Devaney's 30th year of teaching and she continues to show enthusiasm for her job!   She graduated from SDSU with a B.A. and her teaching credential. She has a Masters in Educational Technology along with a Reading Instruction Certificate, AAA certificate, and a Beginning Teacher Support certificate.  Fortunately, she was able to get a job in the Capistrano Unified School district where she met her wonderful husband of 27 years.  She has two adult boys who are CUSD alumni.  One is off traveling in New Zealand and the other is working on his teaching credential.  When she is not working, she is playing beach volleyball, reading, or enjoying exercise.  In the past few years she and her husband have been doing lots of traveling.  She is super excited for another year of teaching!!

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